Your book's front cover has 1 specific job to do - make your reader reach for it.
Once your potential reader has picked up your book, the blurb on the back then goes to work.
Its likely at this point, that your reader will turn the book over once more and look at the front again. They’re looking for the connection between how it looks and what they’ve just read. This connection, is where you get a sale.
That’s why the process is a team effort.

I design book covers across a range of genres, and in a range of styles, so Ive got you covered. 
Your cover needs to make your book is easily identifiable in it's category, whilst still having instant unique shelf appeal.
I can do your e-book cover, paperbacks, hardcover and dust jackets.
In addition I create mock ups, banners, presentations and posts suitable for marketing on various social media platforms.
I  can also design your own personal brand as an author and/or a brand for a book series, so that as your popularity grows, your sequels and new books are instantly recognizable to your followers and fans.

social media composite image of book cover
social media composite image of book cover
social media composite image of book cover
social media composite image of book cover
This is a general guide to my design process. Sometimes, its shorter and sometimes a bit longer, depending on what unfolds as we go through the process.
INITIAL CONSULTATION - A first meeting for information exchange and assessment of what would be involved in getting the job done and of course, your expectations.
JOB ESTIMATE - I estimate the cost of the job and outline a working agreement. Should you wish to proceed, you would pay a deposit of 50% of the estimate and I get to work.
RESEARCH, A MOODBOARD  & A SECOND CONSULTATION -This information gathering is what we do to ensure that the design of the cover is the best possible way to market your story and sell your book. I gather, create a presentation which we will tweak until it feels just right for your book.
I will work on and present 2 or 3 rough options of directions we can take. From this, you would choose ONE to take through to design development 2.
Your chosen design is developed further, presented for feedback and taken through to design development 3
Your design is finessed and finalized for approval. Only minor tweaks should be needed at this point.
Once final payment is received, all supplementary deliverables, digital and print are prepared to finished art for delivery.
COST ESTIMATE - This is probably what you really want to know, isn't it? But it's the hardest thing to tell you without a consultation. Some people want something very specific which I will have to draw or composite, that may take quite a while, whereas others are happy with an image they already have and the title. So it really depends on what you want, and how specific an idea you have and how fixed you are on the idea.
I do try to guide you to make it as economical as possible though. I am very appreciative of your work and understand the need to economise.
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